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Day 1: History of the world

Posted: January 28, 2014 in I/Knowledge

Date – 28th January 2013

Topic selected – History of the world

Started my research….just now.




I/Knowledge – Julie/Julia

Posted: January 28, 2014 in I/Knowledge

I was yesterday watching this amazing flick – Julie and Julia.



This movie was so simple and yet spoke lengths about liberation, sense of accomplishment, doing what you love and finally contentment.

The character of Julie resembles me in one way. I often take up things in my hand and if I get bored in the middle or feel that this is not happening the right way, I just leave it without any regret. Yes this is not the correct approach. But this is a part of me and I do not like it as well. During the movie I felt okay, so there are people like me out there. And you need just 1 single thing to motivate you. For some its money, for some its the work itself. But what happens when your work is not motivating you enough. Money you get its good, but there has to be something where you can concentrate and feel satisfied that yes I have done this and it makes me happy 🙂

So Julie set up a target for herself. Cooking recipes from Julia’s cook book in 365 days. She starts a blog – Julie/Julia project and keeps a daily check on her status. During the year, she not only achieves her target but learns a lot about life, love and herself. Isn’t that great!

Well, here is something for a starter!

I started writing blog in 2008. It has been a long time since then. I have not been very consistent with my posts but yes, blogging has helped in releasing my innermost thoughts, understanding situations blah..blah ..blah!

Sometimes I feel, is my blog read by anyone? Is there anybody who is actually reading it? I honestly do not care if anyone comments or not. But just out of curiosity this thought crosses my mind once in a while. Blog visit ratio will be significantly low 🙂 However that does not demotivate me from writing posts.

I am thinking what’s the benefit I am getting from writing a blog. Just putting down my thoughts is not enough. I mean there should be some worth coming out of it. After much thinking, I have come up with an idea.

I am pretty good with research and finding out stuff. I have always been as inquisitive person. And I always seek out channels to explore what’s happening around the globe, why this happened this particular way, could it be done differently etc. Why not  utilize some of my free time in gathering information on topics which I love, I want to learn about and share with rest of the world! Seems of now, yes! What will I lose, some of random tv shows. That’s something I can let go.

Hmm, for this I need to very clear in my mind that which topics I want to cover.

  • Literature – particularly poetry
  • History of world
  • Spirituality
  • Trends which shaped the world
  • Indian politics
  • Movies that left a mark

So far, this is what interests me the most. Will add/delete them when something new strikes!

I am also setting up a target for myself. I think 4-5 days are fine for each topic. I will maintain a check on this.

I will create new tags for this as nothing mixes up.

Since this is not a part of my new year resolution, I am every bit cautious to follow this even more sincerely.

To a new beginning and the knowledge that never ceases to amaze me…Cheers..Sante`….Salud!