I/Knowledge – Julie/Julia

Posted: January 28, 2014 in I/Knowledge

I was yesterday watching this amazing flick – Julie and Julia.



This movie was so simple and yet spoke lengths about liberation, sense of accomplishment, doing what you love and finally contentment.

The character of Julie resembles me in one way. I often take up things in my hand and if I get bored in the middle or feel that this is not happening the right way, I just leave it without any regret. Yes this is not the correct approach. But this is a part of me and I do not like it as well. During the movie I felt okay, so there are people like me out there. And you need just 1 single thing to motivate you. For some its money, for some its the work itself. But what happens when your work is not motivating you enough. Money you get its good, but there has to be something where you can concentrate and feel satisfied that yes I have done this and it makes me happy 🙂

So Julie set up a target for herself. Cooking recipes from Julia’s cook book in 365 days. She starts a blog – Julie/Julia project and keeps a daily check on her status. During the year, she not only achieves her target but learns a lot about life, love and herself. Isn’t that great!

Well, here is something for a starter!

I started writing blog in 2008. It has been a long time since then. I have not been very consistent with my posts but yes, blogging has helped in releasing my innermost thoughts, understanding situations blah..blah ..blah!

Sometimes I feel, is my blog read by anyone? Is there anybody who is actually reading it? I honestly do not care if anyone comments or not. But just out of curiosity this thought crosses my mind once in a while. Blog visit ratio will be significantly low 🙂 However that does not demotivate me from writing posts.

I am thinking what’s the benefit I am getting from writing a blog. Just putting down my thoughts is not enough. I mean there should be some worth coming out of it. After much thinking, I have come up with an idea.

I am pretty good with research and finding out stuff. I have always been as inquisitive person. And I always seek out channels to explore what’s happening around the globe, why this happened this particular way, could it be done differently etc. Why not  utilize some of my free time in gathering information on topics which I love, I want to learn about and share with rest of the world! Seems doable..as of now, yes! What will I lose, some of random tv shows. That’s something I can let go.

Hmm, for this I need to very clear in my mind that which topics I want to cover.

  • Literature – particularly poetry
  • History of world
  • Spirituality
  • Trends which shaped the world
  • Indian politics
  • Movies that left a mark

So far, this is what interests me the most. Will add/delete them when something new strikes!

I am also setting up a target for myself. I think 4-5 days are fine for each topic. I will maintain a check on this.

I will create new tags for this as nothing mixes up.

Since this is not a part of my new year resolution, I am every bit cautious to follow this even more sincerely.

To a new beginning and the knowledge that never ceases to amaze me…Cheers..Sante`….Salud!




Friends forever :)

Posted: January 17, 2014 in AH

Just like there is no life without family, there is no life without friends.

Friendship is a beautiful bond that binds people together in love, trust, good times, bad times, moments when we need a shoulder to cry upon, seeking advice, keeping secrets and sometimes just listening to the voice of your friend uplifts your mood no matter how crappy your day went!

We all have our sets of friends. Ones we made in school, college, at work, through out our life we make friends.

Friendship is not based on anything material – money, power, influence. Those who say they have “friends for benefits”; are living a lie. True friends are for all seasons. Though often we have to keep up the appearances just for the sake of being on good terms. But one knows that even though we talk, share things, its not the same. Well this means that level of friendship differs among friends also.

I am lucky to have been blessed with many friends. Yes, on Facebook 🙂 In truth I have a circle of a few close knit friends. And we share a friendship of almost 25 years now 🙂 Nidhi and Chandni – my best friends forever.
With each of them i have so many amazing memories. We could not live in the same cities after 10th std. yet we were inseparable. in those days, internet boom had just started. Writing letters & chatting on phone was still popular. And once we moved in our lives, emails and chatting on messengers became a regular thing!

Letting each other know what’s happening, who’s who with old classmates, making plans of meeting soon, cancelling them and making them again..

And when we met it was just great!

Nidhi could not attend my wedding 😦 i really wish i could alter her situation. And she could be there with me!

But Chandni was with me. On my engagement day and wedding day both. I just needed her to be with me to cope up with all the rush:) and there she was! Even when i was in the beauty salon getting decked up as a bride. she was there patiently at me side. we had our own little “bachelorette” party 🙂 it was fun. And now she is married and off to Shanghai. i really wish her and Abhinav an amazing marriage life and may all their dreams come true. Strangely, the nick names of AH and Abhinav are same – Abhie 🙂 Chandni, you are a doll. She is a kid and at the same time mature as hell 🙂 a strange combination but there she is. She will give you the perfect advice. Be it her giggles or atttitude wala look, she is just fun to be around.

Nidhi, well what can i tell about her. She was my first friend. I remember our school days…what an awesome time we had. I feel that this generation in missing out on so many things. Friendship is not just hanging out with your buddies. it means keeping up the friendship overcoming the boundaries of distance and time. She has been my pillar through all times. I will always value that. I remember last year when i and AH attended her wedding, it was so beautiful to see her as a bride, blushing and smiling 🙂 She looked like a princess! at the time of her Vidai, i wonder how i held my tears back. Nidhi, you are a gem..no no a rare gem 🙂 For her and Ananad, I pray to God a lifetime of happiness and love.

And yes, i have another best friend. My husband, my sweetheart AH.
I still don’t know what happened between us in the first place – love or friendship 🙂 You probably don’t know this AH, but with you I have become a better human being. And we have an amazing amazing chemistry 🙂

I love you all and am grateful to Almighty that I have been blessed with these people in my life. Without them my life is a blank paper and all of them have added colors and made my life a RAINBOW 🙂

Hmm..this post should have come on Friendship day. Well ain’t it true – better late than never 🙂

Cheers to Friendship, and all BFFs!


well well well..here we are into the new year again. its 2nd day of January 2014 and i am putting up my thoughts over here.

strangely this time i have made no resolutions. simply because i have observed that i dont keep up with them 🙂 i was revisitng some of my old posts and found that the ones which i made in 2011, 2012 and 2013 are still pending and hence there is no point making any new ones.

hmm this looks like a very pessimistic way of starting the very first post of 2014 🙂

so here’s a little dose for myself…

  • definitely need to put a check on my figure!
  • definitely need to eat healthy food!
  • being in touch with cousins, friends more often!

am i forgetting something..yes…there it is..keeping up the word. if i promise something to soeone i should honor that and keep it.

what else, reading a book and finishing it. even if its little boring reading it till the last page! and then never buying a book just going through its blurb!

oh yes, this looks like i have been wrong in so many ways. but then what are resolutions for?

some sort of a control check we do internally to maintain balance in our lives.

2013 was amazing…career wise, in personal life, and otherwise also 🙂

i completed many things under my Bucket List last year and that makes be so happy! from 2014, i have high hopes too! but for everything we must act well, think well and do well. for me to all of this is pretty challenging, because i get distracted so easily but am lucky to have a great family around me and the most amazing life partner and my best friend AH. each year we are exploring a new “us” and i wish i can give all my love to people i love and care about. 

hope all of you had a great 2013 and may 2014 bring lots of love, hope and peace and fun in your lives..amen 🙂 

Beautiful Lines

Posted: August 28, 2013 in AH

From one of the poems of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar –

रात यों कहने लगा मुझसे गगन का चाँद,

आदमी भी क्या अनोखा जीव है ।
उलझनें अपनी बनाकर आप ही फँसता,
और फिर बेचैन हो जगता, न सोता है ।

जानता है तू कि मैं कितना पुराना हूँ?
मैं चुका हूँ देख मनु को जनमते-मरते ।
और लाखों बार तुझ-से पागलों को भी
चाँदनी में बैठ स्वप्नों पर सही करते।

आदमी का स्वप्न? है वह बुलबुला जल का
आज उठता और कल फिर फूट जाता है ।
किन्तु, फिर भी धन्य ठहरा आदमी ही तो
बुलबुलों से खेलता, कविता बनाता है ।

मैं न बोला किन्तु मेरी रागिनी बोली,
देख फिर से चाँद! मुझको जानता है तू?
स्वप्न मेरे बुलबुले हैं? है यही पानी,
आग को भी क्या नहीं पहचानता है तू?

मैं न वह जो स्वप्न पर केवल सही करते,
आग में उसको गला लोहा बनाता हूँ ।
और उस पर नींव रखता हूँ नये घर की,
इस तरह दीवार फौलादी उठाता हूँ ।

मनु नहीं, मनु-पुत्र है यह सामने, जिसकी
कल्पना की जीभ में भी धार होती है ।
वाण ही होते विचारों के नहीं केवल,
स्वप्न के भी हाथ में तलवार होती है।

स्वर्ग के सम्राट को जाकर खबर कर दे
रोज ही आकाश चढ़ते जा रहे हैं वे ।
रोकिये, जैसे बने इन स्वप्नवालों को,
स्वर्ग की ही ओर बढ़ते आ रहे हैं वे।

On being a cosmo girl!

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Fun, Gossip Girl


Today’s international women’s day. I wish all the women I know a very happy women’s day.

Chatting with my best friend has got me into this thought of putting down something which is widely recognized as an international magazine. Cheesy, chick, full of girl talk and has it all…all that can come up in a naughty mind 🙂


Now, I am not a regular reader of Cosmo. However, if available on a magazine stand, my eyes automatically turn towards it easily; bypassing the news magazines (though I read them regularly!) So, what makes Cosmo so special?

Here are the reasons-

• It is an all-girls magazine. It has that zing, be it hi-fashion, clothes, cosmetics, shoes, hats, bags, jewelry, perfumes, belts. Basically you name it and it is there.

• I read it in my college days. Thus, it has a strong connection. It opened my eyes towards proper make up 🙂 believe me it helps when you know the exact way to apply eye shadow. It’s a great deal in my world 🙂

• Plus, there is a lot of information on topics you want to read! Yes you get everything on the internet these days but the fun of reading it while sleeping on the bed. Well nothing beats that!

• Coming to the topics now, right from making the perfect coffee to making purrfect love 🙂 from how to flaunt that killer outfit to bringing that killer smile 🙂 It reaches out to all those places, where perhaps other magazines take it the other way round! Cosmo has this unique blend of keeping the language youthful, vibrant, and very gossipy and the way one friend will share with another.

• And there are some horrid stories which the readers share. Am not sure they are true or entirely made up. Whatever the case be, I love reading inside sin stories 🙂 its fun!

• The cover page itself is a peep into the world of glamour.

Read Cosmo for fun. Do things that relate with you. But in the end, don’t follow everything.
Follow your heart and listen to what it says 🙂 coz a woman’s heart is a treasure.

From one woman to another. Cheers!

When love is the answer!

Posted: February 19, 2013 in AH

Don Juan:There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio.

What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for?

The answer to each is the same: only love.


3 amazing years!

Posted: February 18, 2013 in AH, Love tickles :)

I and AH have a reason to celebrate.

Married for more than 2 years now.

We will complete 3 years of being engaged tomorrow. Partyyyy!!!

I realize today why its said that life is a dream. You see your dreams unfolding new things each day, building new dreams from the old ones…and the best part is you share them with some one you love.

I remember …the first “I love you” moment….and then the numerous ones, the promises (made on phone and in person :))

I remember..

The excitement on my engagement day – 19th Feb. 2010,  the longing to see each other (silly how we had shopped together for rings a day before!), the expressions in our eyes, the feeling of holding hands and putting the rings,

how it felt to pose for the first time as a couple in front of so many people,  

I remember…

the day we changed our relationship status on FB, the time we wrote love notes (more from me :)), the stupid pranks, playing hide and seek, hiding TV remote, telling you the climax of the movie right before it starts 🙂 not letting you sleep, mocking at each other, etc. etc.

the first “cheers” together, the first “under the waterfall” moment

I will not forget the time how we fought and made up again 🙂

I will always love you AH 🙂

Yeah all of this and that. Pretty much simple and sweet..Who would have thought I would have written this post 3 Years Back! All is written in the stars and we are destined for our share of happiness sooner or later.

To all the readers…keep loving your loved ones and never stop dreaming 🙂

Happy New Year 2013

Posted: January 4, 2013 in I say, I do

I have lot to do in this year..

  • blogging regularly
  • being really good at my work
  • updating my bucket list 🙂

Wishing a very happy new year to everyone who has ever come across my blog 🙂



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Tipsy - My per turtle :)

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