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Happy new year to all 🙂

happy new year 2015

I wish 2015 brings happiness and joy to my family, friends and may there be peace everywhere. Peace part sounds very skeptical but often true wishes come true. Amen.

New year has come so soon. It was like yesterday when we started packing and moved to USA. It’s already 9 months now. How quick the time flies.

Last year started with a good note and who knew that towards the end it will bring along with it great tragedy in family. My dearest Azoba, my loving grandpa and mama are with God now. May their soul rest in peace in heaven. May their blessings and happy memories remind us of their love for all.

I miss my Azoba so much. Whatever I am today is because of him. Everything.

Anyway, it’s time to be hopeful, to be positive and looking forward ahead. Azoba always told me to keep head high, believe in God and yourself. Work hard, success will definitely come. Oh, how I miss the voice of my grandparents. Even that I know I can’t go back but I so much wish to go back in time and tell them how grateful I am and shall always be. To say “thank you” for all the love, support and caring. For raising me. For everything.

Let the new year make each of us more humble. More considerate towards others. May at least I try to be respectful to others’ feelings.

Resolutions for new year? Just to be true to myself and my family and friends. Keep myself more grounded. Avoiding feeling of jealousy, cribbing for things not required. Looks like going on that once in a while philosophical path again. But it’s true.

Wishing and actually doing something are two different things. I don’t know what’s in store for 2015 but I am hopeful for good things to happen soon 🙂

And lastly, to keep good health.

Welcome 2015.


The Rain Effect

Posted: July 24, 2014 in AH, Fun, Slice of Life


What makes you happy? A good sleep, good food, lavish life, great job…money??? there can be unlimited answers to this. if someone asked me this question 5 months ago, my answer would be simple : Rains. Rains make me happy!

Things change. Picture this. This place never ceases to amaze me. For someone who has always lived in hot, dry state, this place is a sudden change. For the last 5 months, rains have been a part of my daily life on weekly basis.

earlier rains used to bring joy, happiness, smiles and going out and getting wet, dancing under the sky. rains meant a cup of hot tea, onion fries and vada pavs. rains compelled me to dial up my friends and make them envy with sounds of rain drops on the window panes. And at times, on those foggy window panes, you write words with your finger tips. Often I have made heart symbol and initials of mine and AH. I still do this 😃😃

rains have their own magic. how intoxicating that fragrance is when rain drops touch the earth and blend with the mud.

rains have their own beauty. Somewhere from far you hear a cuckoo singing. Somewhere very far a peacock must have danced. Somewhere an empty pond would have filled and quenched the thirst of a cow. Somewhere you hope a mazdoor or a laborer digging ground at construction site is kissed by rain.Rain drops would have taken his sweat away along with them.
You see beautiful umbrellas and colorful raincoats, kids splashing water and jumping on the rain, those little paper boats finding their way on sloppy roads. Despite all the chaos on roads, the traffic and potholes on roads and no electricity; rains are just beautiful.

rains have their own charm. yes I remember picking up my favorite book and reading it. or listening to my favorite songs taking me back to some happy memories. or wearing that special shawl because the air just cooler and you want some warmth.

and as I write this blog today, I am watching outside my window. I can see its raining. the sky is so grey as if someone has just painted heavy strokes of black on canvas and added a dash of white. whatever color comes up with this combination, that’s the grey shade am referring to! and yes from grey I remember seeing the trailer of this new movie 50 shades of grey. I don’t know the movie’s fate yet until it releases. the novel was not good so its adaptation on screen will be I don’t know..bad!

anyway, coming back to rains now. Rains now make me gloomy and suppress my excitement. it rains so much here that I crave for a sunny day. yes I crave for a sunny day.

it’s not that bad considering that in a few days this too shall pass but the sight of incessant rains at times is unbearable.

our moods reflect our personality. I know I crib a lot about many things and rains were definitely never one of those things until now. so I feel sad that my favorite season is becoming my least favorite season now.

but on the up side, too much rains means new boots, new jackets. that’s the bright side of an otherwise rainy day 😉

Pinch me..I am in USA 😃

Posted: March 24, 2014 in AH, Family, Slice of Life

Its still hard to believe that I am in USA. Just because last week and a week before that had been so hectic. Time flew like anything and today here I am siting up on my cozy king size bed taking a sip of coke while writing this post.

We had been planning to come here since a long time. We had to put some things in place in order to be here. Well its very different from what I had imagined.

I still remember me and AH talking about this long move, how things would be, the preparations, the life leaving behind and life starting differently. As much as I am happy, I am grateful for all those people who I am missing everyday. These people who make up for my family and friends are those who are the most special to me. And its true that when you leave your home, you love them even more! You cherish your relationships and value them and nurture them.

Wow! The effect on me 😃😃

I have many things to do here. I don’t want to be a lazy bum! That’s what comes easily to me if I don’t have much work to keep me occupied.

My US experience are going to teach me a lot just like I learned things growing up in India.

I want to live my life together with AH as a beautiful journey. This is just another step in growing up together.

Some things have already been checked out of my bucket list I made last year. And there’s lot more to knockoff.

I reached Seattle on 14th March and its been 10 days since then. Everything’s been so different! Ohh the jetlag was one disturbing feature. And its been horribly, alarmingly cold 😂

My woolens don’t work here, thank God AH is there to keep me warm😉

Besides this, the place where we live is absolute heaven. It is in woods and we enjoy the lovely morning walks in the trails. I enjoy checking out stores and now happy my refrigerator and kitchen are fully packed.

Cooking on electric cooktop was initially time consuming but I learnt how to do smart cooking. And still learning to be better.

Love the landscape, the cherry blossoms, the magnificent view of snow clad mountains whenever we ride on highways, the scenic beauty of country and the metropolis downtown area buzzing with malls, restaurants, sexy cars and high rise buildings.

Its so different when you watch an American show on TV or in movies. How I visualized its little different but in a good way.

People that I came across so far have been be friendly and nice. When I start working here, will get to know the corporate American life up and close.

And yeah, have to learn driving too, that’s what is bothering me the most. But one thing at a time Vanya, one thing at a time.

Till I write again. Love life and spread the love 😃😃😃😃😃


well well we are into the new year again. its 2nd day of January 2014 and i am putting up my thoughts over here.

strangely this time i have made no resolutions. simply because i have observed that i dont keep up with them 🙂 i was revisitng some of my old posts and found that the ones which i made in 2011, 2012 and 2013 are still pending and hence there is no point making any new ones.

hmm this looks like a very pessimistic way of starting the very first post of 2014 🙂

so here’s a little dose for myself…

  • definitely need to put a check on my figure!
  • definitely need to eat healthy food!
  • being in touch with cousins, friends more often!

am i forgetting something..yes…there it is..keeping up the word. if i promise something to soeone i should honor that and keep it.

what else, reading a book and finishing it. even if its little boring reading it till the last page! and then never buying a book just going through its blurb!

oh yes, this looks like i have been wrong in so many ways. but then what are resolutions for?

some sort of a control check we do internally to maintain balance in our lives.

2013 was amazing…career wise, in personal life, and otherwise also 🙂

i completed many things under my Bucket List last year and that makes be so happy! from 2014, i have high hopes too! but for everything we must act well, think well and do well. for me to all of this is pretty challenging, because i get distracted so easily but am lucky to have a great family around me and the most amazing life partner and my best friend AH. each year we are exploring a new “us” and i wish i can give all my love to people i love and care about. 

hope all of you had a great 2013 and may 2014 bring lots of love, hope and peace and fun in your lives..amen 🙂 


Posted: August 8, 2012 in Slice of Life

Life teaches us so many lessons; even when we are not prepared to accept them. Eventually with a passage of time, we realize their importance.


It’s a super feeling. Faith and patience finally getting rewarded. I am excited.

All feelings rolling into one word – Happy 🙂

I am once again a working girl.

Joined a wonderful company and striving to make a mark here. God bless me.

The never ending thirst.

The heavenly coconut water.

The sweat.

The hot retro glares.

The shade under a tree.

The mirage on the highway.

The dried yellow leaves on street.

The cool sand of beach.

The The colorful umbrellas.

The hidden faces with stoles.

The hats.

The sleeveless and spaghetti tops.

The bandana headband.

The bright and the beautiful amidst all the heat.

Yesterday we watched this movie – ek main aur ek tu. It was nice in some aspects. Considering watching kareena in theater, sounds risky because i am not a big fan of hers. Though i like imran khan, he acts normal in most of his films. There is no super attitude around him like ranbir or ranveer for that matter. His role was that of a “perfect average” guy as described by the heroine (moderate version of Geet from Jab we met). It’s refreshing to see bebo portraying characters in more subtle way without bringing her typical pout from zillion films.


I believe, today in India, there are there are 3 types of movies being made –

1. Dabangg / Singham / Don Series / Bodyguard types where the hero is too heroic to undertake daring stunts kill all the goons without regret and utter dialogues with rowdy phrases. Such movies are popular in both rural and urban class. Totally hero centric movies with a retro feel. Here the actor is already a superstar and before its release we know, the film will be a blockbuster. Heroines do not contribute to these movies much except songs and dances. And often their show is stolen because 1 item number is always there to call out people.

2. Ek main../ Love aaj kal/ Zindagi na milegi doabara/ Mere brother ki dulhan types…where the hero is really rich, he does not live in India, aspires to live life to the fullest, often tries to win over the lady love, deals with lots of relationship issues, is fed up with present times and ready to make mistakes, open to all sorts of things. Such films are also entertaining because youth of today relates the filmy situations with their own lives.

3. And then there are some really simple movies which leave behind an impression on the minds of audiences.  For instance, A Wednesday, Khosala ka ghosala, Peepli Live, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Band baja baraat, Taare Zameen par. These movies may vary on the entertainment value but they score high on storyline and acting.

We may appreciate or deprecate movies based on our personal choices and favoritism but the truth is movies take us into a different world all together. For 2-3 hours, we forget our daily lives, chores and work. We are enraptured in watching larger than life stories taking us to new heights of fantasy then be it through Avatar or inception or something as romantic as Titanic.

I remember watching Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and omg it had an enormous effect on me 🙂 I was what…11 years old, when the movie came out. But boy how I wished for a raj to enter my life to sweep me off my feet 🙂







Yes indeed movies are magical.

No matter how much I like the art cinema and its originality

but from heart I love to watch romantic movies.





1st week of 2012 has passed and the time has come to ponder what happened to the whole “resolutions” thing.




well the strange fact is i did not make any resolutions this time initially. because last year’s are still unfulfilled. what am i gonna do if i  keep pending my resolutions like this?

need to make even more realistic ones i guess.

hence, only one  “hope” for 2012 – eat healthy food.

  • say no to chips please…even if lays and pringles come up with something more fancy and yummy.
  • say no to least in public..act!
  • chocolates are sin. indulge only once in a while 🙂
  • increase the in take of salads. yes, i started having them meticulously this year..happy to see the change.
  • regular jogs and walks…ummm this goes

for AH as well.

enough for food talk…now something in general –
  • maintain blog.
  • add more to crafts …more do it yourself projects.
  • last but not the least – get a job. i think this one tops the list. right.
moving forward to social –
  • less gossip vanya. less gossip….when will i learn.
  • in a group, do not do – me me me…hmmm need to put a hold on this.
  • while watching movies, do not tell the climax (if read on wiki or other sites) to friends. they get irritated. but ain’t that fun to see pissed off faces…confused!
ohhh shit..gotta stop this post because the resolutions are piling up now and i can not do this to myself……

okay, am done. wait for 2013 to catch up for this year’s report.



Rang Barse…

Posted: March 20, 2011 in AH, Slice of Life

We had a great time yesterday…not only did i and AH celebrate our first Holi together, also had lots of fun with his friends around…played like school kids after so many years…

there were colors, pichkaris and water balloons splashing was maddening to see everyone going crazy:)
and then there were sessions of mad talks, leg pulling, drinks!!
though, it took hours to clean up the terrace, but it was worth it. missed my family a lot 😦
festivals like these brings back the spirit of enjoyment 🙂 coming together and playing without any inhibition is actually the essence…just splendid!
Happy Holi to all 🙂