On advice

Posted: January 9, 2015 in AH

Over the years I have given advice to many friends and family members. I am a people’s person and I am a good listener too. I think when my friends talk to me they value my opinion. My views matter in general not because I am their friend but I carry some sort of positivity 😃 looks like I am bragging myself but I know I am patient when it comes to listening and understanding others’ woes or doubts.

At times when life offers you choices between x and y and you are confused to choose from either of them, you look out for a third perspective. A ray of hope which can show some clarity and direction.

I have advised my friends in their troubles, paved the way towards the “z”. They have been happy and satisfied. But in the end they have to work out their problems themselves.

But when it comes to me, I hardly take advice from anyone. I may have too much of an ego! Like asking someone or disclosing the nature of my problem will undermine my personality. As much as I like helping people, sorting their issues I refrain from opening up my side of life. I go on and on about the new things I do, exciting things happening around me but if something is bothering me, I keep it to myself and don’t share with my best friend also. Strange isn’t it?

I am secretive when it comes to me. But if I feel something is going wrong with my friend, I dig deep into his/her mind through indirect questions just to know the truth behind it. It’s like some sort of a task to help them out. And until it is resolved I leave no stone unturned to keep my friend hopeful and happy.

I can definitely work in the role of a consultant. You know as an alternate career choice. 😃


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