2015 – You came too quickly :)

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Fun, Slice of Life

Happy new year to all 🙂

happy new year 2015

I wish 2015 brings happiness and joy to my family, friends and may there be peace everywhere. Peace part sounds very skeptical but often true wishes come true. Amen.

New year has come so soon. It was like yesterday when we started packing and moved to USA. It’s already 9 months now. How quick the time flies.

Last year started with a good note and who knew that towards the end it will bring along with it great tragedy in family. My dearest Azoba, my loving grandpa and mama are with God now. May their soul rest in peace in heaven. May their blessings and happy memories remind us of their love for all.

I miss my Azoba so much. Whatever I am today is because of him. Everything.

Anyway, it’s time to be hopeful, to be positive and looking forward ahead. Azoba always told me to keep head high, believe in God and yourself. Work hard, success will definitely come. Oh, how I miss the voice of my grandparents. Even that I know I can’t go back but I so much wish to go back in time and tell them how grateful I am and shall always be. To say “thank you” for all the love, support and caring. For raising me. For everything.

Let the new year make each of us more humble. More considerate towards others. May at least I try to be respectful to others’ feelings.

Resolutions for new year? Just to be true to myself and my family and friends. Keep myself more grounded. Avoiding feeling of jealousy, cribbing for things not required. Looks like going on that once in a while philosophical path again. But it’s true.

Wishing and actually doing something are two different things. I don’t know what’s in store for 2015 but I am hopeful for good things to happen soon 🙂

And lastly, to keep good health.

Welcome 2015.


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