The Rain Effect

Posted: July 24, 2014 in AH, Fun, Slice of Life


What makes you happy? A good sleep, good food, lavish life, great job…money??? there can be unlimited answers to this. if someone asked me this question 5 months ago, my answer would be simple : Rains. Rains make me happy!

Things change. Picture this. This place never ceases to amaze me. For someone who has always lived in hot, dry state, this place is a sudden change. For the last 5 months, rains have been a part of my daily life on weekly basis.

earlier rains used to bring joy, happiness, smiles and going out and getting wet, dancing under the sky. rains meant a cup of hot tea, onion fries and vada pavs. rains compelled me to dial up my friends and make them envy with sounds of rain drops on the window panes. And at times, on those foggy window panes, you write words with your finger tips. Often I have made heart symbol and initials of mine and AH. I still do this 😃😃

rains have their own magic. how intoxicating that fragrance is when rain drops touch the earth and blend with the mud.

rains have their own beauty. Somewhere from far you hear a cuckoo singing. Somewhere very far a peacock must have danced. Somewhere an empty pond would have filled and quenched the thirst of a cow. Somewhere you hope a mazdoor or a laborer digging ground at construction site is kissed by rain.Rain drops would have taken his sweat away along with them.
You see beautiful umbrellas and colorful raincoats, kids splashing water and jumping on the rain, those little paper boats finding their way on sloppy roads. Despite all the chaos on roads, the traffic and potholes on roads and no electricity; rains are just beautiful.

rains have their own charm. yes I remember picking up my favorite book and reading it. or listening to my favorite songs taking me back to some happy memories. or wearing that special shawl because the air just cooler and you want some warmth.

and as I write this blog today, I am watching outside my window. I can see its raining. the sky is so grey as if someone has just painted heavy strokes of black on canvas and added a dash of white. whatever color comes up with this combination, that’s the grey shade am referring to! and yes from grey I remember seeing the trailer of this new movie 50 shades of grey. I don’t know the movie’s fate yet until it releases. the novel was not good so its adaptation on screen will be I don’t know..bad!

anyway, coming back to rains now. Rains now make me gloomy and suppress my excitement. it rains so much here that I crave for a sunny day. yes I crave for a sunny day.

it’s not that bad considering that in a few days this too shall pass but the sight of incessant rains at times is unbearable.

our moods reflect our personality. I know I crib a lot about many things and rains were definitely never one of those things until now. so I feel sad that my favorite season is becoming my least favorite season now.

but on the up side, too much rains means new boots, new jackets. that’s the bright side of an otherwise rainy day 😉


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